Top Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Friends in Gurgaon

Come February, and it would be that time of the year again when love ‘warmifies’ the city chills and sends the cupid-struck into the grand quest of buying a perfect gift for their Valentine. If you are among the lucky few, you probably have endless web lists to tick and a plethora of options to choose from on the Internet. This page is for those who plan to spend the day with their pals, celebrating the unconditional, no-holds-barred love only friends are capable of sharing.

Below, we list five restaurants in Gurgaon you must hit with your ‘squad’ on this V-day to have your fill of some lip-smacking meals while making fun of the cheesy Snapchat stories and Instagram videos posted by those lost in the quagmire of love.

Burma Burma

Okay, let’s be honest. We all think that when it comes to vegetarian, there aren’t many options apart from Indian, Italian and Chinese. We know that a restaurant that specializes in a cuisine from Southeast Asia would be far from ideal for those of us who pride ourselves on not being meat eaters. So, what if we told you that there was a gem of a place, right in Cyber Hub, that only serves vegetarian Asian and authentic Burmese cuisine—all of it as delicious as your mother’s best recipe? Difficult to believe, right? Head to Burma Burma and see for yourself!

What we love: If one is unable to understand the menu, the staff generously helps out. The staff is knowledgeable and are happy to help you order just the right dishes to suit your mood. (Also, considering the increasing popularity of the place, we advise that you book a table in advance if you are planning to visit here.)

Must try: Samosa Soup and Soft Buns

Burma Burma

Chili’s Grill and Bar

If your gang is fond of Tex-Mex food, Chili’s in Ambience Mall is the perfect place for you all. Serving American, Italian and Mexican cuisines, Chili’s is known for both it’s a truly Mexican fare (read: tacos, fajitas or quesadillas) and chilled margaritas. Although they don’t have a lot of options for vegetarians, their veggie platters do stand out. Their staff is extremely helpful with the menu and equally prompt in their service.

What we love: Their jazzy ambiance and bar—can’t get better for a wild evening with friends!

Must try: Country Fried Calamari and Signature Wings



Though located in the midst of the cement and glass offices of Golf Course Road, Impromptu is a must-visit joint, because it takes you away from all the hustle-bustle of Gurgaon. This rustic-themed place has the right ambiance for sitting back and enjoying good food. The experienced chefs at Impromptu specialize in cuisines ranging from Lebanese, Italian and Indian to Mexican, Thai to Vietnamese, so you can be sure that all the foodies in your group will be able to whet their appetite.

What we love: Their outdoor seating, which allows you to enjoy their fabulous meals right in the open, with some contemporary music playing in the background. What more could you ask for at a fun evening with your pals?

Must try: Paneer Tikka and Soya Garlic Chaap



The setup of Molecule takes you back to Hitler’s chemistry lab, for its theme is World War II. Sounds dreary, right? Fear not, because the place has a fantastic ambiance. In the pub hub that is Sector 29, Molecule surely stands out. It serves food in objects symbolic of chemistry labs, has menu cards in the form of war memorabilia, and boasts ceiling lights that look like the structure of a molecule. Not a bad place to chill with your buddies over a couple of drinks, huh?

What we love: Their cocktails and freshly brewed beer—you are sure to buy many rounds of both!

Must try: Molecular Puchka Shots and Picasso



One of the newer restaurants in Sector 29, Prankster is India’s first F&B campus. Set up as a huge single-floor restaurant divided into multiple sections—library, classroom, chemistry lab, hostel room, amphitheatre and car parking—it is sure to bring back memories of your student days. What’s more—they have a food van on the terrace to make you nostalgic about your high school canteen, whose average food you gobbled like it was from a five-star!

What we love: Their alcohol prices—affordable even at the end of the month!

Must try: Dahi Kebab, Dahi Bhalla Ice Cream, Litchi Tikka, Pav Bhaji Zinger Burger—the list if endless!


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