Top Unexplored Restaurants in Delhi/NCR

In the last decade, the restaurant scene in Delhi-NCR has improved remarkably—both regarding the quality and the numbers. Since Delhi is already famous for its delicacies and is known for its rich cultural heritage. We believe that the day is not far when we will see Michelin star restaurants in Delhi.

As a new restaurant opens in the city every second day now, it is honestly hard to keep track of all the new must-visit places in town. What’s more, it is entirely possible—and frustrating—for you to not even have heard of a restaurant that maybe creating waves in the other part of the city. To keep you in the loop, we have curated a list of five restaurants in Delhi/NCR that you must visit, pronto.


Sector 29 in Gurgaon has become synonymous with restaurants and pubs catering to office goers who find themselves desperate for a drink after a long day at work. Most of these joints have similar European menus and no real USPs.

Sasuraal stands apart from this crowd. It serves delicious North Indian and Mughlai food, with live music playing in the background. But, wait, it’s not your standard contemporary music, but instead, their playlists comprising romantic Hindi songs of a bygone era.

So, no matter where you live in the city, a visit to this place with your whole family, preferably on a day when the weather suits the outdoor seating, is a must. There are three more things that we like about Sasuraal; they serve value-for-money buffets, their staff is extremely friendly and courteous, and their décor makes you feel like you are not far from home.

Do order: Dal Makhni (it’s heavenly), Paneer Tikka, Shahi Paneer, Mutton Handi Gosht


Chatter House

There are so many go-to places in Khan Market that it can get a bit confusing to zero in on one. If you are ever in such a dilemma, we would strongly recommend that you try Chatter House. You may be familiar with the place if you have been to the Epicuria Food Mall in Nehru Place. But considering that few people venture towards that side of Delhi, there is a high probability that you may have not heard of the wonderful Italian and North Indian food that Chatter House serves.

We are convinced that Chatter House is basically an Irish pub that has vowed to get all its dishes right. This goes especially for their delicious shakes and half-n-half pizzas, which provide you two varieties for the price of one. The place has a brilliant glass-covered smoking terrace, where you can easily relax with a sheesha for hours.

Do order: Dahi Ke Kabab, Chicken Chorizo Croquets, Blue Cheese Naan

Chatter House

Jungle Jamboree

We go back to Sector 29 with this multi-cuisine restaurant with a unique theme. Jungle Jamboree, as the name suggests, is a jungle- and aqua-themed restaurant that serves Continental, Thai, Chinese, Mughlai, and North Indian cuisines. Though it has a rooftop seating, we would advise you to sit indoors when you are here if you want to really enjoy their unique décor.

The popularity of this yet-unexplored place can be gauged by the fact that they have opened in four locations in just about two years! Apart from its unmatched theme, the place has one more USP; it has a separate section for kids! If you are lucky, you may also get to hear some great live music playing when you visit.

Do order: Bharwa Golgappe, Salsa Potatoes, Dahi Poori, Galouti Kabab, Chicken Lasagna

Jungle Jamboree, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Civil House

This newly opened restaurant in Khan Market has made it to this list for especially one dish: The Watermelon Feta Salad. We would have tried, but honestly mere words cannot do justice to how special this salad is, so we will just say that it is like nothing you have ever eaten before. If you love watermelons (and even if you don’t), we would strongly recommend that you try this place this very weekend!

When you visit, be sure to ask them for a rooftop table (you can book one on because in our opinion it is one of the best rooftops in the city.

Do order: Watermelon Feta Salad, Beetroot Tikki Burger, Vanilla Pannacotta, Choco Bomb

Civil House

Moets Shack

This may not exactly be an unexplored restaurant for you if you live in Defence Colony, but if you don’t, it is unlikely that you may heard of this place. This veteran Def Col restaurant is a quiet place with an extensive menu and colorful wooden interiors that would be perfect for any occasion.

We recommend that you visit them in the evening, sit outside in the open, order a few drinks, and watch the sun setting over the horizon while relishing the time ticking by—one second at a time. To ease the process of finding the right table for your munchies, you can book a table in advance at

Do order: Chilly Potato, Tea, Seafood Platter

If you are going on an exploration spree to savor your tongue, or you just want to check out eateries that may have skipped your eyes, we recommend checking out Clicktable. On you can book a table in advance for any restaurant and make sure you never miss your spot. We at bring you services especially curated for you.

Moets Shack

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