Best Places to Celebrate your Kid’s Birthday

Birthday parties are like road trips and getting there is only half the fun. Deciding on the theme, decorations, and activities feel like a part of the celebration itself. Birthday parties need not be elaborate, and kids are happy with a small party if they are made to feel special. Even a simple party requires planning; the sooner you start organizing, earlier the excitement begins and the fewer details you will work out on the day itself.

Let the planning begin! When you are looking for an excellent kid friendly restaurant, it is a good idea to consider making your reservations in advance with Clicktable, which offers great restaurant deals in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. In case you are a novice and need help, we have rounded up a few restaurants where you can organize your child’s birthday.


Chili’s is an enormously popular eatery, and has a pan India presence, the secret of its success is the band of happy greeters who seat their guests, take their orders and make creative menu suggestions. The tacos, fajitas, and enchiladas in the fun mold, is a favorite among kids. The place also caters to large groups like a birthday party, the venue is kid friendly, and the polite staff also engage with the children. They are helpful and are equipped to take care of large crowds.


Sky Waft

Sky Waft is in Bengaluru, and it possesses a contemporary grand design and delightful interiors entwined with fresh and aromatic dishes that fill the air, this stylish venue is highly recommended to host birthday parties. The restaurant also appeals to everyone, from grandparents to the youngest member of the family. Outdoor seating is also available in the restaurant.

Sky Waft

Pind Balluchi

Pind Balluchi is the ideal place to satiate all your North Indian food cravings, and with each bite, it will transport you into the quintessential Pind of Punjab. The experience starts from the entrance itself where an effigy of traditionally attired Sardar Ji is sitting in a Manji (traditional cot), and Durban in a typical Punjabi dress welcomes all the guests. The traditional entrance doors, jharokhas, wooden chairs, lanterns add on to the entire village set up along with the mud plastered walls with hanging beads and bangles play a vital role in enhancing the aesthetics of the restaurant. The open kitchen of the restaurant resembles an open dhaba with simmering effects of tandoors and steamy tawa preparations which make your dining experience a memorable one. The restaurants take in large group bookings only with prior reservation.

Pind Balluchi

The Global Rasoi

Located in the suburbs of Mumbai, Global Rasoi is a nice cozy place that offers a memorable dining experience. An entirely vegetarian restaurant, their oriental paneer is delectable, and a must try. The main course that is mainly enjoyed by kids is the Napoleon pizza and pasta. The service is good, and the staff is quite helpful and friendly with children. Their servings are usually large.

The Global Rasoi

The Great Punjab

The Great Punjab in the posh suburbs of Bandra, sounds like a dream right? This venue is an ideal place to have a get-together or a birthday party. The restaurant also offers an oil free menu, which makes having good food without the guilt of it being unhealthy. One must try the Chicken Koyla Kebab and Dal Makhni. For a birthday reservation, prior intimation is a must.

Your kid’s birthday is an important milestone worthy of celebration! Throwing a birthday party can seem like an overwhelming endeavor, but with a little planning and preparation, everything can go smoothly for a fun and memorable day. We understand your needs and to help you feel at ease, we suggest you book your favorite place with Clicktable.

The Great Punjab

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