Best Fusion Food Restaurants in Delhi

Every day, people from different diasporas come to Delhi for a living and make it their home.  While adapting to an amalgamated culture, people often improvise Delhi’s culinary with their native cuisines. Many internationally acclaimed dishes are now going through a makeover in the form of fusion food. It is a combination of cuisines from different cultures to delightfully surprise your taste buds with a unique and delicious concoction of flavours.

If you love experimenting with food, then there are ample of food joints in the city that won’t disappoint you. Here’s a list of some of the most appreciated fusion food restaurants in Delhi.

Cafe Immigrant, CP

Café Immigrant is a fusion food restaurant in CP. As apparent from its name, the cafe is dedicated to immigrants and their innovative culinary. Café Immigrant’s design is reminiscent of the yesteryears when refugees came to Delhi. Its menu is inspired by the diverse cultural confluence that the city has experienced under British rule and after Independence. The interiors of Café Immigrant include a sunlit terrace with colonial style, cast-iron benches, cosy indoor spaces and window tables. The café offers a variety of fusion beverages and recipes ranging from Chawanprash and Mint Smoothie to Immigrant Club Sandwich. Some popular dishes on the menu are Fish and Chips with a South Indian tadka and Kolliwada Fish Fingers cooked in Kerala style.

Address: Café Immigrant – B-45, First Floor, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Cafe Immigrant, CP

Molecule Air Bar, Gurugram

The Molecule Air Bar is a unique bar in Gurugram with a distinctive sci-fi theme. Here, science meets dining. The interiors look more like a laboratory with warfare artefacts on walls and chemical bonds on ceiling. There is a café on terrace with 3D art installations and geometric designs. Glass walls decorated with scientific equations and a projector near the bar further add to one’s delight. Molecule also features a microbrewery. The menu has a combat theme with blueprints of aeroplanes, guns and grenades. It offers interesting combinations of drinks and food from Continental, Italian, North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Most of the diners love their signature fusion dishes such as Molecular Puchka Shot served in test tubes with seven different waters and Dragon Smoked Popcorn in Maggi and Pav Bhaji flavours.

Address: Molecule – SCO- 53, 4th Floor, Sector 29 Market, Gurugram

Molecule Air Bar, Gurugram

Hinglish – The Clolonial Cafe

Set up at Pacific Mall, Hinglish is a casual dining restaurant that offers innovative, multi-cuisine preparations. The interiors are inspired by a beach theme with bright blue lights. Hinglish also has a separate play area for kids. The menu offers a wide selection of delicacies from Italian, Continental and North Indian cuisines accompanied with an extensive variety of beverages. Must try dishes at Hinglish include Chicken Tikka Panini, The Big English Burger, Paneer Makhani Croissant and Desi Wich.

Address: Hinglish – GF, No. 39, Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi

Hinglish - The Clolonial Cafe

Tashan, GK-II

Tashan is all about relaxing; apt lights and comfortable seating with a soothing music. It is a fine dining restaurant in GK-II. The innovative and unique food menu offers Modern Indian delicacies infused with global flavours in a tangy twist. Be it Tashani Soya Taco, Mushroom Galouti Kebab or Paneer Hungama, every dish served here is tailor made and takes you to a never to forget gastronomical experience. Tashan is an ideal place to enjoy unusual food with your buddies. Try experimenting with your taste buds here and get one-of-a-kind dining pleasure.

Address: Tashan – M-60, 80 Feet Rd, Block M, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi

Tashan, GK-II

Prankster, Gurugram

Prankster is a casual dining restaurant that takes you back to your college days. Everything that you feel nostalgic about your college is recreated here. It has a campus like interior with different sections for Mixology lab, Parking Lot, Amphitheatre, Canteen, Lover’s Point and even a Principal’s Room. With a strong emphasis on the quality of food, Prankster has introduced Modern Indian cuisine in its menu. A special mention goes to the Progressive Nostalgic cuisine that is invented by Chef Harangad Singh.  Some of the stellar preparations at Prankster include Flaky Pizza, Dahi Bhalla flavour ice cream, Litchi Tikka and a whopping 2kg Burger.

Address: Prankster – Sector 29, Gurugram

Prankster, Gurugram

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