What Your Choice of Mixer Says About You

Let’s not kid ourselves: no matter how ‘spontaneous’ and ‘experimental’ we claim to be; when it comes to alcohol, there is no way we would replace our favorite mixer! And hell, nobody is judging you. If anything, it’s rather impressive to have a signature mixer because it shows that you have a certain kind of taste and know how to own your drink.

Now here’s something interesting that you may not know about your choice of mixer. We’re not trying to scare you, but it may reveal something rather interesting about your personality. Read ahead to find out!


Okay, you probably never grew up after high school. Apologies to all coke lovers; but you need to venture out a bit more and discover the ‘real’ world of mixers. We’re not saying that coke is a bad choice, but you may come across as a crowd follower or an amateur with no real taste for alcohol. Hint: try something a little more grown-up such as a vodka-tonic soon!



Here’s an experienced player. You’ve had plenty of fun and are ready to settle down in life. The wild party nights are probably a thing of the past and you’re happy to spend the evening with a close bunch of friends, listening to some relaxing music or having an intimate discussion. It is safe to say that if soda is your signature mixer, then you’re probably a mature, independent person who continues to enjoy life and have fun.


Cranberry Juice

Hello to the life of the party! If you are a vodka-cranberry fan, you won’t take much time to become the center of attention at any gathering. You are here to have lots of fun and probably want the music to get louder and the crowd to get tighter as the night goes on. People won’t be surprised if you’re the first one to hit the dance floor or order shots for everyone (even for people you don’t know!). To put it simply, you like things to be exciting and hate a dull affair!

Cranberry Juice

Tonic water

We all have that one “old school” character in our group. You’re likely the one in yours. Haha. On a serious note, there is nothing wrong with tonic water. In fact, vodka-tonic is among the oldest cocktails served at bars; a classic in its own right. You’re basically comfortable in your own skin and avoid taking risks. You’re also probably the person who will carry their friends back home after a crazy night of drinking. In short, you are dependable and quite likeable!

Tonic Water

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Red Bull

You do like playing with your life, don’t you? Sorry for sounding too dramatic but Red Bull and alcohol is a lethal combination and not really the drink of a wise man (or woman). You’re probably a bit too carefree and believe in the ‘drink first, think later’ philosophy. Well, all we can say is that people may doubt their safety when drinking with you. Oops!

Red Bull

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Who knew that a mixer was the key to revealing something so deep and personal about you? Stay tuned to our blog for more such exciting pieces! We know you want to ;

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