Avengers Mixology – ‘Marvellous’ Drinks for Superheroes

Finally, this week’s war is over. It’s time to head to a bar and grab your favourite avengers drink.

We have picked up some strong and deceptively tasty cocktails that are identically libational to their superhero counterparts. We bet, these drinks are worthy enough to woo your Black Widow or Thunder God!

The Hulk – Midori Sour

Bruce Banner is a workaholic scientist. But his angry, green counterpart (Hulk) takes over his sober personality. His drink needs to be the toughest one that suits his superhumanly brawny body.

We recommend Midori sour; a cocktail as mean and green as the beast himself. It can knock you into a different world with its devilish green Midori Whisky, sour mix, lemon juice, and a hint of soda.

The Hulk – Midori Sour

Iron Man – Jager Bomb Shots

A colourful ‘zinger’ among the Avengers; an inventor with a strong business acumen who saves the world with his lethal weapons. Well, we just can’t get enough of him.  His drink needs to give him a high and anything light won’t suit his playboy- philanthropist personality.

We line up the Jager Bomb shots with Jägermeister and Red Bull. This alcohol-caffeine combination creates a very potent taste and the energy drink reduces alcohol’s depressant effect. Just drop a shot of Jägermeister in your favourite energy drink, sip, and…fly!

Iron Man – Jager Bomb Shots

Captain America – The Old Fashioned

This war era soldier struggles to keep up with modern times. If he wasn’t frozen, he would have become centenarian!  He is old-fashioned and his drink should reflect his grand old, non-experimental personality. As with ageing, the taste palates desensitize and people prefer bitter taste, the only drink that connects with him is the Old-Fashioned cocktail- served on the rocks in an ‘old-fashioned glass’. It contains Bourbon whisky, sugar cubes, and bitters. Though this cocktail was given its name in 1880s, it is still going steady with whisky lovers.

Captain America – The Old Fashioned

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Thor – Kamikaze

We love his compassion to protect the planet and his brother Loki.  We are thrilled by his combat skills, war arts, and hammer throwing abilities. Not to miss, his Mjolnir once dented Captain America’s indestructible shield!

He is Odin’s son whose entry is marked by whirls of wind and lightening. Being a thunder ‘God’, his drink should be very special.  For him, we can propose Kamikaze shots. Kamikaze is a Japanese word for ‘divine wind’. This concoction of Triple Sec (citrus peel liqueur), Vodka and lime juice is blatantly strong. We are sure that Thor’s magnetic hands will catch it like his hammer.

Thor- Kamikaze

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Black Widow –  Black Russian

Black Widow is a trained Russian assassin. She appears pretty but is strong to the core. Only a vodka cocktail can do justice to her style and persona.

For her, we have Black Russian. It’s a perfect cocktail to match up to her tough and bold spy image. This drink contains five parts of vodka and two parts of coffee liqueur (Kahlua). It is served over ice to give a sturdy yet colourful appearance. Don’t take it easy. This drink is surprisingly strong to assassinate the assumptions people have for caffeinated drinks!

So now that you’ve been through a truly dedicated superhero mixology, why not head to a bar and enjoy your favourite Avengers drink for a power-packed experience.

Black Widow - Black Russian
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Cheers to Avengers!

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