Top 5 Food & Drink Packages in Mumbai for a Perfect Birthday Bash

Is your birthday around? Are you confused about how to celebrate your birthday? Do you have a huge group of friends and family to treat this birthday? Are you thinking of a café, restaurant or your house for a party? These would be a few prime thoughts pondering over your mind around your birthday. A birthday is a special occasion in your life which only comes once a year but is remembered for a lifetime either positively or negatively. The style of your celebration determines whether your birthday would be cherished by your pals or would your friends speak ill about it.

In this hectic busy life where one is tied up between the family and work, it at times gets difficult to think of a perfect plan for a perfect party. Due to too much effort, money and time being spent, we often tend to stick to our favourites and treat them out to a movie or a fancy meal but that might eliminate a few close friends who might be the life of every party.

Hosting a party is a big deal in itself. Right from the location, venue, area, budget and miscellaneous, a lot of aspects need to be taken into consideration while organising a party. Planning a party in Mumbai especially is an ordeal. However, what if we told you that there is an alternative to all these apprehensions and issues? Clicktable provides you pre-negotiated party packages which save your effort, time and money and all you need to do is reserve your table. You can shift your worries to us and we take care of them with an effortless smile on our faces. Options in Mumbai for a drink packages are many, however, we have chosen the top five drink packages in Mumbai.

Lion Heart

Are you looking for a lounge to host a party in Mumbai with your friends? This co-working space progresses into a lounge in the evening where one can groove to the sizzling beats and gorge on lip-smacking food. Head to Lion Heart in Byculla with you group of friends this birthday and book through Clicktable.

Address: Irani Chawl 5 & 6, Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Road, Chinchpokli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400011

Clicktable Drink Packages: 2 + 1 on IMFL drinks

Lion Heart, Chinchpokli

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Amanzi Sky Deck & Bar

If you are looking for an authentic Indian restaurant in Mumbai for a birthday bash, Amanzi is the place for you. This casual dining place is sure to set your party mood owing to its dazzling food and drink packages in Mumbai. Contact Clicktable to for memorable party experience.

Address: 132, Hill Road, Sayed Wadi, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

Clicktable Party Packages: Food package @ 1400 ++

Domestic Package @ 1800 ++

Premium Package @ 2200 ++

Imported Package @ 3500 ++

Amanzi Sky Deck & Bar, Bandra-West

1 Above

This multi-cuisine diner in Mumbai offers a serene ambience and dishes prepared by hand-picked ingredients by the chef. The exclusive alcohol section is an added charm and hence, if you are looking for a place to host a birthday bash, look no further than 1 Above.

Address: 1402, Ganapatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400013

Clicktable Drink Packages: 4 Pint Beer Bucket @ 799 ++

1 Above, Lower Parel

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Desi Deli

Desi Deli is a casual dining café with specialities in hot dogs and burgers could be on your list for planning a birthday party in Mumbai. Every dish on their menu is worth relishing wherein international cuisines are prepared with a desi twist. The Clicktable drinks packages offered of this place are worth trying.

Address: 480, Adarsh Nagar, MHADA Layout, Oshiwara, Phase 1, Jogeshwari, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400102

Clicktable Drink Packages: Buy 3 Beers and Get 1 Free

Chilled Rose Wine @ 300 ++

Desi Deli, Andheri West

38 Degree East

If you love experimenting with food from different parts of the world at one place, rather inviting friends for the same, 38 Degree East is a great option for you. The vibrant décor, the lip-smacking grubs, and well-stocked alcohol could be a perfect idea of a party. Book through Clicktable and enjoy the buzzing drink package.

Address: Panchkutir, Lake Road, Powai, Next to VV Motors, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400076

Clicktable Drink Packages: Flavoured vodka shots and draught beer @ 99++

38 Degree, East Powai

So, the next time you are confused about hosting a birthday party in Mumbai for your friends, remember this list of ours and reserve through the pre-negotiated deals at Clicktable.

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