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The Best Buffet Places in Bangalore

With so many taxes and charges, restaurant bills are often a surprise package. Until you read the final amount on the bill, you are never sure how much it will cost. This whole suspense surrounding the ‘cheque’ affects what you eat and how much you eat. Sometimes, when you see the bill, you might regret not ordering more of that delicious starter. On other occasions, a drink might trick you and will not fit the descriptions on the menu.

In such dire times, buffets are a silver lining on the horizon. Buffets’ are different and you will perhaps know the bill beforehand. It is even possible to take tasters to determine what suits your taste. You can perhaps never come back hungry or dissatisfied from a buffet, even though it may be somewhat average. It is still a surprise why most of us continue to prefer à la carte options over buffets.

If you live in (or are visiting) Bangalore and plan to try out some buffet fares after reading this, we are here to make the job easier for you. We are listing below the top must-try buffet restaurants in Bangalore, which are easy on your pocket and will make their way into your heart. The reward? You can book your spot at any of the restaurants in advance, with Clicktable. Binge on, we suggest!

Wareabouts Grill & Lounge, Marathahalli

Known for its live grills and great location, Wareabouts is nothing less than a mini paradise for a perfect weekend meal. It has everything going for itself; lovely rooftop, live music, WiFi, screenings, unique décor, and of course, great buffets—which are made even better by the fact that they cost the same throughout the week. From Schezwan noodles and Hyderabadi Biryani to Dal Makhni and Pineapple Halwa, one gets to experience a broad range of delicious dishes at the buffest section at Wareabouts.

Wareabouts Grill and Lounge

Loft 38, Indiranagar

We have all heard about Loft 38’s brilliant ambiance—the three levels that can accommodate more people than most other places in the city, the dance floor that gets everyone thumping and moving, and the lip-smacking food that you can’t get enough of, even after downing five drinks. But, did you know that Loft also serves one of the best buffets in the city? Served from Monday to Saturday, from 12.30 PM to 6.00 PM; and on Sunday, from 12.30 PM to 4.30 PM. Loft’s spectacular buffets include mango salad, smoked chicken, tofu cakes, beef sandwich, pumpkin soup on its rather extensive menu. So, for a change, visit them during the day and check out their buffet. We promise you won’t regret it.

Loft 38 Indiranagar

100 FT Boutique Bar, Indiranagar

From Monday to Friday, 100 FT serves three and five-course buffet lunches and dinners that are every bit worth their price. This classic restaurant, which was erstwhile an old villa, has an open-air view on the first floor and boutique shops near the entrance. Ideal for both romantic assignations and family meals, 100 FT invites you with live music and offers you all the time in the world to relish its exquisite dishes. Oh, and lest we forget, you do not have to worry about parking—they have a valet.

100 FT Boutique Bar Indiranagar

Ji Hazoor, Whitefield

If the Mughals were still alive, their dining rooms would have probably looked like the dining area of Ji Hazoor. This Whitefield restaurant’s king-size seats, dewans, and fairy lights are made for eating all you can—like the royalty of yore—and that too at unbelievable prices that won’t pinch your pocket. We believe that if you live in Whitefield, you should make Ji Hazoor, at the very least, your monthly pilgrimage site. After all, not many places can provide you the experience of eating lavish buffets in a surrounding that looks straight out from a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie.

Ji Hazoor Whitefield

Kopper Kadai, Koramangala

Kopper Kadai is a must-visit for two reasons; its quirky cutlery and its indulgent buffets. The place has a simple, elegant décor that gives an impression of fine dining and puts you at ease instantly. On top of this, they serve beautifully presented dishes that force you to click a picture before digging in. Combine this with their finely curated buffets (including over 50 items), and you get a restaurant that should be on your radar every time you feel like having a good, hearty meal.

Kopper Kadai Koramangala

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