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Top 5 Cafes to Enjoy the Winter Sun

Who could ever forget John Denver singing, “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” on a chilly weekend afternoon, basking in the warm sun with yummy food and best of friends for company? Winter in Delhi does make one pull up the socks and put on the coziest of jackets, but it is also the time when one can enjoy the noon sun and grab a quick meal in the choicest of cafe’s strewn across the city. Also, if you are looking for a quiet space to laze and enjoy a book that you have wanted to read for quite some time, then just go ahead and book a table for yourself in one of the rooftop cafés in Delhi with Clicktable.

Delhi is undoubtedly a melting pot of culture with the traditional and the modern fusing together to offer a unique experience to those willing to explore. With cafe culture borrowed from the West, the concept of rooftop and open cafes have taken the current generation by storm with everyone wanting to get a piece of the sky and the green around. So, here are some of the handpicked cafes that you must explore in Delhi.

Laidback Café, GK1

Nothing is more uplifting than enjoying the afternoon winter sun in a quaint, classy cafe that offers plenty of space to enjoy the blue sky and the marvelous view of the city. Located in one of the prime locations of Delhi, the cafe offers, food for the soul. The ambiance and the food are thoroughly inviting. You can not only step in for a cup of coffee but also have a full course meal. The menu offers a humongous variety to choose from, right from the cocktails, to the main course, to the desserts. Covering the entire range of continental and Chinese cuisine, this cafe has something for everyone.

Laidback Cafe, GK1

Oak Café and Bar, Defence Colony

Oak Café and Bar is one of the upcoming cafes of South Delhi that has created a niche for itself in a very short span of time. The cafe has options for outdoor, indoor and terrace dining options. The menu is very innovative and vast as it covers continental, Indian, Chinese and a bit of Italian. So, for those who love to explore food, this is the place they will get hooked to for life. Even if you are planning a special event for your loved ones, this is just the place for you. So, just get set, and book your table! It is advisable to book a table in advance to enjoy last minute hiccups, especially in view of the foodie crowd in the capital.

Oak Cafe and Bar, Defence Colony

Café Foreground, Rajouri Garden

Not only the logo that sports a tree, but the entire decor of the Café Foreground resonates nature. Everything about this cafe is so fresh- the decor, the music, the live performances and of course, the menu. Asian, Italian, and North Indian flavors dominate the menu and offer gastronomic choices that are actually satisfying and value for money. Presentation of food is another key aspect of the cafe that builds up with the ambiance. Wondering what to do in the weekend? Step out and hit this cafe!

Cafe Foreground

The Junkyard Café, Rajouri Garden

If you love surprises, then the Junkyard Cafe is the right place for you to step in. True to its name, this cafe is an epitome of all things ‘recycled’. Decorated with the ones that are readily discarded, this cafe has a rustic feel to it with a tinge of the modern. Even when it comes to the menu, you are in for a big surprise. The food served here focuses on health with a mention of the calories contained. So those of you who love to binge but yet like to keep a check, this is just the apt place for you. So, fearlessly pick you smartphone and book a table for your loved one and yourself!

The Junkyard Cafe, Rajouri Garden

Gourmet Affaire’s – JMD Kohinoor Mall, GK-2

Located in one of the most coveted areas in Delhi, this place is an excellent option to explore for a quick bite on Sunday afternoon, post lunch. Gourmet Affaire’s is a cafe cum bakery that also offers a middle-eastern spread apart from its desserts and interesting Ambarsaria Kulchas.

Gourmet Affaires

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